A Chorus Line

by Matthew LaBanca

"The cold hearted director Zach [is] played brilliantly by Matthew LaBanca."  theasy.com

"Matthew LaBanca is strong - the glue that holds the production together."  Rising Action

"Matthew LaBanca is appropriately tough as the director of the show within the show. An emotional moment between him and Knox, in which their shared past is revealed, is well played."  Queens Chronicle


Backwards in High Heels

by Matthew LaBanca

Fred and Ginger Moon.jpg

 "A highlight of the show is Ginger’s musical movie-making, especially involving her dancing with Fred Astaire. Ginger is sensational teamed with Astaire (suave Matthew LaBanca) in “Shall We Dance?” and other numbers."  TotalTheater.com - Marie J. Kilker 

   "There’s a versatile and talented ensemble cast playing a multitude of roles; it’s easy to single out Matthew LaBanca as Astaire."  Sarasota Magazine - Kay Kiplilng

   "Matthew LaBanca as Astaire conveys the reedy singing voice and he’s a wonderful dance partner." HERALD-TRIBUNE - Jay Handelman

    "By the time Fred Astaire (Matthew LaBanca) saunters onto the set, the party shifts into high gear. The chemistry between White and LaBanca as they dance is irresistible. I was reminded of what it meant to be a gentleman in a romantic and stylish era."  Stark Insider, Bay Area - Clinton Stark


     "LaBanca was wonderful and graceful in his portrayal of Fred Astaire. The smallest moments that LaBanca brought forth, especially a tender gesture as he and Rogers said goodbye, were priceless and touching."  San Jose Examiner - David John Chavez

     "Sweetly comic... smartly danced... Matthew LaBanca is a smooth, deft-tapping, and debonair Fred Astaire."  San Francisco Chronicle - Robert Hurwitt

Young Frankenstein

by Matthew LaBanca

Mel Brooks.jpg

Matthew LaBanca received a standing ovation at Saturday night's performance.  [Bart] was wonderfully represented.

- Army Archerd, Variety, reviewing Matthew's star turn in the title role of Young Frankenstein on Broadway.


Hello Dolly / Singin' in the Rain

by Matthew LaBanca

  "Matthew LaBanca -- whom I praised last year for his boyish charm in the role of Don Lockwood in "Singin' in the Rain" -- is once again a pleasure to watch as Cornelius Hackl." 

           Dominion Post, Morgantown - Katie McDowell


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

by Matthew LaBanca

"Joseph's 11 brothers offer a bright spot in the production. They're at their unforced best in Act 2 when Matthew LaBanca leads Those Canaan Days."  Seattle Post Intelligencer, Kelly Huffman

 "The best of these (numbers) is Those Canaan Days, performed in a French bistro setting in the chanson style. Led by Matthew LaBanca as brother Simeon -- so on-target."   Palm Beach, Daily News Arts Editor JAN SJOSTROM

   "..a mournful French-cafe ballad about the good old days before the famine in Canaan ... Matthew LaBanca in "Those Canaan Days" (is a) standout."   St. Louis  POST-DISPATCH  Gerry Kowarsky  09/22/2005

   "Another high spot is "Those Canaan Days," when the brothers mourn the sad turn their lives have taken, and Matthew LaBanca bring(s) it to life, bad puns and all."  St. Louis Radio Review   Aired September 23, 2005

  "Matthew LaBanca,the actor who plays brother Simeon, makes a fine fake-Frenchy stew of the faux-cabaret number Those Canaan Days.”  OrlandoSentinel.com 

   "Joseph’s brothers were fabulously humorous, especially Simeon (Matthew LaBanca), who shone in “Those Canaan Days.”  Lauren Kaufmann, Baltimore

   "a Jacques Brel parody (amusingly led by Matthew LaBanca, with a thick Pepe Le Pew accent),  a pleasure."  Baltimore Sun  J. WYNN ROUSUCK

   "Nicely showcased is Matthew LaBanca as Simeon, lamenting "Those Canaan Days"   Salt Lake City, Desert Morning News Ivan M. Lincoln


On Your Toes

by Matthew LaBanca

“Matthew LaBanca has the touch of Midas when it comes to dance."  

       The Barnstable Patriot, Cape Cod - Melora B. North


Crazy for You - National Tour

by Matthew LaBanca

   "The show rises and falls with Bobby, and this production is as successful as it is because of LaBanca.  If he just had to sing, he'd be a treat to listen to;  if he just had to dance, you'd get an eyeful.  But, folks, he's a first-rate singer, dancer, and clown, all rolled into one.  He partners beautifully, and he leads the company in the big numbers with gusto."  Daily Gazette, Schenectady - Paul Lamar


   "LaBanca is a remarkable dancer, with tap skills that end at his toes but clearly begin up in his head."  Times Union, Schenectady - Michael Eck


   "Excellent performance - Matthew LaBanca [is an] accomplished triple threat - convincing in characterization, dazzling with dancing, and just plain beautiful to listen to when the moment called for some soulful singing."  The Journal, Rapid City, SD - Larry Bangs


Forever Plaid

by Matthew LaBanca

forever plaid.jpg

“Matthew LaBanca as Sparky has a nice repertoire of impersonation and I couldn't help but envision him in several substantial character roles in the future."  

            WHUS 91.7 FM  -  Lynn Sloan

   "Excellent - Matthew LaBanca is purposeful and versatile as better dresses salesman Sparky."  

   New Haven Register - Dennis Cashman


The King and I - National Tour

by Matthew LaBanca

King and Anna 1.jpg

 "Matthew LaBanca is excellent as the Kralahome"  Reno News and Review - Jack Neal

  "Solid acting...Matthew LaBanca's suave but surprisingly sensitive Kralahome succeeds." Orange County Register - Eric Marchese

   "Played with proper slyness by Matthew LaBanca."  Grand Rapids Press - Dave Nicoletti