Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

"Joseph's 11 brothers offer a bright spot in the production. They're at their unforced best in Act 2 when Matthew LaBanca leads Those Canaan Days."  Seattle Post Intelligencer, Kelly Huffman

 "The best of these (numbers) is Those Canaan Days, performed in a French bistro setting in the chanson style. Led by Matthew LaBanca as brother Simeon -- so on-target."   Palm Beach, Daily News Arts Editor JAN SJOSTROM

   "..a mournful French-cafe ballad about the good old days before the famine in Canaan ... Matthew LaBanca in "Those Canaan Days" (is a) standout."   St. Louis  POST-DISPATCH  Gerry Kowarsky  09/22/2005

   "Another high spot is "Those Canaan Days," when the brothers mourn the sad turn their lives have taken, and Matthew LaBanca bring(s) it to life, bad puns and all."  St. Louis Radio Review   Aired September 23, 2005

  "Matthew LaBanca,the actor who plays brother Simeon, makes a fine fake-Frenchy stew of the faux-cabaret number Those Canaan Days.” 

   "Joseph’s brothers were fabulously humorous, especially Simeon (Matthew LaBanca), who shone in “Those Canaan Days.”  Lauren Kaufmann, Baltimore

   "a Jacques Brel parody (amusingly led by Matthew LaBanca, with a thick Pepe Le Pew accent),  a pleasure."  Baltimore Sun  J. WYNN ROUSUCK

   "Nicely showcased is Matthew LaBanca as Simeon, lamenting "Those Canaan Days"   Salt Lake City, Desert Morning News Ivan M. Lincoln


Hello Dolly / Singin' in the Rain

On Your Toes