Crazy for You - National Tour

   "The show rises and falls with Bobby, and this production is as successful as it is because of LaBanca.  If he just had to sing, he'd be a treat to listen to;  if he just had to dance, you'd get an eyeful.  But, folks, he's a first-rate singer, dancer, and clown, all rolled into one.  He partners beautifully, and he leads the company in the big numbers with gusto."  Daily Gazette, Schenectady - Paul Lamar


   "LaBanca is a remarkable dancer, with tap skills that end at his toes but clearly begin up in his head."  Times Union, Schenectady - Michael Eck


   "Excellent performance - Matthew LaBanca [is an] accomplished triple threat - convincing in characterization, dazzling with dancing, and just plain beautiful to listen to when the moment called for some soulful singing."  The Journal, Rapid City, SD - Larry Bangs


The Wizard of Oz

Forever Plaid