Backwards in High Heels

by Matthew LaBanca

Fred and Ginger Moon.jpg

 "A highlight of the show is Ginger’s musical movie-making, especially involving her dancing with Fred Astaire. Ginger is sensational teamed with Astaire (suave Matthew LaBanca) in “Shall We Dance?” and other numbers." - Marie J. Kilker 

   "There’s a versatile and talented ensemble cast playing a multitude of roles; it’s easy to single out Matthew LaBanca as Astaire."  Sarasota Magazine - Kay Kiplilng

   "Matthew LaBanca as Astaire conveys the reedy singing voice and he’s a wonderful dance partner." HERALD-TRIBUNE - Jay Handelman

    "By the time Fred Astaire (Matthew LaBanca) saunters onto the set, the party shifts into high gear. The chemistry between White and LaBanca as they dance is irresistible. I was reminded of what it meant to be a gentleman in a romantic and stylish era."  Stark Insider, Bay Area - Clinton Stark


     "LaBanca was wonderful and graceful in his portrayal of Fred Astaire. The smallest moments that LaBanca brought forth, especially a tender gesture as he and Rogers said goodbye, were priceless and touching."  San Jose Examiner - David John Chavez

     "Sweetly comic... smartly danced... Matthew LaBanca is a smooth, deft-tapping, and debonair Fred Astaire."  San Francisco Chronicle - Robert Hurwitt